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Hmm..who am I?

Years ago, I was asked this and I replied with some kind of ridiculously shitty metaphor, comparing myself to a website with selectable layouts. I guess the essence of that is the same but the face I present is fairly uncomplicated imo.

My hobbies consist of making people smile, awkward and super fail-y attempts at cleverness, roleplaying, gardening, tv-watching, half-assedly working out, going to museums and reading. I'm nearly silent 90% of the time except when I'm around someone I'm comfortable with or if I get anxious. Then I turn into a leaky faucet/accidental loudmouth. I'm still kpop boy band-crazy long after I ought to have outgrown them. I fangirl quietly & diligently but make no excuses or apologies for loving what I love.

I'm incredibly, if not obsessively introspective and analytical about life and reality but I've been told that I'm very easy to converse with, low-key. I'd rather listen than speak. I'm not the judgmental type and don't prefer to be around those that are so in a cruel, unforgiving way but I understand why someone would feel the need to judge. That said - my responses can sometimes come across as cynical or derisive when my mood sucks. I'm working on it. I was raised christian/catholic to appease my mother and grandmother but now I just walk in my own personal faith. I still admire and look to the saints and various other entities for wisdom. I tend to make references to them from time to time so if thats something that will make you uncomfortable I can add you to a filter


I've always been unapologetically studious and these days I keep one finger on the pulse of global political/social justice/environmental events. My mind is open and willing to hear various sides of the story but I'm no sjw. That's gotta be exhausting for those that are..

This journal is not always coherent and sometimes updated inconsistently. Contents include a considerable excess of self-centered topics, occasional fandom analysis, navel grazing malaise, rehashes of awkward things I did, lists that ought to be read into a tape recorder as "notes to self" rather then for other people to see, elaborate fantasies that work as metaphors for my actual feelings and the usual school-related teeth gnashing. Anticipate moments of foolishness, moodiness, and wisdom to varying degrees. A tolerance for nerdiness and geekery, are required to access this lj. But I'm not into serious fandom blogging.

I read everyone on my list, and I read almost everything they write. The people who stay are people I genuinely like or love. Priority is strongly given to those who interact with me, ideally frequently. Some individuals stay because they so rarely post that I look forward to hearing from them, but that's a tiny minority. If I feel like we have serious differences or conflicts that would make it extremely difficult to have a long term friendship, I am likely to remove you from this journal.

All of this is not intended to chase you away; you may well become one of my dearest friends. On the other hand, sometimes even people who strongly seem like they should be friends don't become so for some ineffable reason. Time will tell. I am not a hasty decision maker as a rule and the circle of people who are the closest to me is, in fact, quite small, so there's a little room.

I will:

Read every single entry on my friends list.
Comment as much as I possibly can.
Occasionally join in on memes or survey's.
Attempt to get to know you personally.

I will not:

Participate in lj drama. I will however, occasionally laugh and poke fun at the drama.
Sometimes I might even decide to give some constructive advice on how to deal with a situation. *shrugs*
Comment on every single entry because I don't always have something to contribute.

【Films 】

Gormenghast BBC, Nowhere by Greg Araki & Juliet of the Spirits, Pacific Rim, Talented Mr Ripley, Kaboom by Greg Araki, Let the Right Ones In (Original, not that shit remake), Fanny & Alexander, Zatoichi ft Beat Takeshi, Suspiria, Night of the Living Dead, Mysterious Skin, Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club, Liquid Sky (yep I'm a total film snob, haha), Battle Royale, A shit ton of horror films that I couldn't even begin to list here....

【Animu 】

Dennou Coil, Tekkonkinkreet, Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou, HunterxHunter, Tokyo Ghoul, Cowboy Bebop (I like the themes & certain characters more than I like the overall story arc though haha), Owari no Seraph, Utena, Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, D. Grayman, Jelly fish Princess, Yu Yu Hakusho, so many shows really...I watch anime pretty leisurely these days

【Favorite Music Genre's 】

Vocaloid, K-pop, K-indie, visual kei J-rock, Old school J-rock, Taiwanese pop, Electronica, Folktronica, Industrial, 80's goth, Nerdcore/Breakcore, Goth-hop, Abstract, Minimal, Trip hop, Shoegaze, Riot-Grrrl, 90s rap, Trap rap (haha I know I should be ashamed of myself), Dub rap, Post-punk, Trip-hop, NeoFolk, Darkwave, Chiptune, Indie hiphop, Female fronted stuff

I love a lot of random instrumental songs with pretty melodies. I also love the really beautiful piano/violin/string concertos or symphonies. If you hadn't noticed, I'm really, really into music.

【 About Books & Writing 】

My reading habits are rather unhealthy. I read obsessively and compulsively. If I begin a book that I enjoy, it's very difficult for me to put it down until I've finished it. I'd love to tell you that I've read all the crucial, literary masterpieces but that would be far from the truth. Pride and Prejudice? War and Peace? Nope.

In the future, I hope to become a more well-rounded bibliophile. Philosophical essays are ok, but I don't like long wandering meanders through some anonymous character's psyche without anything actually happening. Non-fiction and books that promote self-awareness are neat.

I own all my books unless they are 'wishlist'. I've become a digital collector ever since I invested in an ereader; it's more convenient. I won't pretend to know everything so if you wish to discuss books with me than please feel free :)

Currently my favorite books are A little Life by Hanya Yanagihara and Halfway Human by Carolyn Ives Gilman

I like the sounds of words and names, and the shape of them on paper and in print. I've been writing ever since I was a child, I seemed to learn the touch of stories and poetry as I learnt how to touch pen to paper. Of course, to veer from the romantic, that was largely because as primary school children we were encouraged to write stories and poetry along with learning abc, how to write from left to right (remember how when I first tried to write, right to left seemed more natural than left to right?). I view writing as a method and vehicle for expression and what I want to achieve is a style where expression - the transmission of ideas, emotions, atmospheres from writer to reader - is the first priority. A more fluid style where everything serves to show something.

【Fandom's I lurk】
History stuffs
The fun/safe side of the yuri/yaoi fandom (sigh..)
Twin Peaks
Broad City (Lol I know..)
Khip hop & R+B (Giriboy, Zico, Sam Kim, DEAN, Beenzino, Kittib, Lady T, Yezi, Choi Sam, Hanhae, Epik High, Tiger JK, Baechigi, Basick, Geegooin, Jay Park, Gray, Loco, Hwayobi, Crush, Jooyoung, Zion T, Samuel Seo, Primary, Hyukoh, Dok2 in small doses)
F(x) (Mostly for Krystal)
Big Bang (Gtop Kaisoo Taekai & Chansoo & Krisoo)
Dramatical Murder (Before the fandom got all fucked up..lol)
Tokyo Ghoul
X Files (Scully! <3)
Game of Thrones (For Sansa & Brienne)
Skins (Effy)
Mad Fat Diary (cause that show is so cute~ Ray is adorable. I totes ship her with her best friend and not the dude tho >>;)
Mucc (Tatsurou & Yukke)
Dir en grey (Kyo)
Plastic Tree (ryutaro bb)
Sadie (Tsurugi, Mizuki, Kei)
etc..not many currently but ask me if you'd like ^-^

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